Baccalaureat Dual Diploma

From 2011/2012 academic year, MIT School is the first local college offering our students the possibility to obtain a Diploma from a prestigious North American High School.


The Programme for Bachillerato Dual Diploma offers lots of opportunities to all our students from 3º, 4º of ESO and from 1º of Bachillerato, in order to obtain two certificates simultaneously: the Spanish Bachillerato, valid throughout the European Union, and the USA. In this way, students study in two different High Schools at the same time; in Spain attending school and in America by correspondence.


This Programme has been designed by MIT School in order to prepare students, so they can acquire the best competence levels. This will help them to face the global market, which is highly competitive.


We use an advanced and innovative virtual curriculum, which includes optional subjects that grant you with credits. MIT School offers you a high level of education, ensures you are well prepared for accessing University in the USA.


Lessons are taught in English by native teachers, so this gives our students the opportunity to improve and practice the language in situ. This is essential for our current labour market.

What’s Somerset International Academy?

Somerset International is the International Diploma Dual program by Somerset Academy. Somerset Virtual Academy administers the digital learning programs Somerset Academy, an educational organization based in the State of Florida, and has 27 schools that make up a complete education system, covering Preschool (Early Childhood Education), Primary Education, Secondary Education and High School. Somerset is managed by Academica Corporation, an innovator in the field of “Charter Schools” in the United States of America and that is, at the same time, one of the largest in terms of number of schools and students. For more information: ,

What advantages does the Dual Diploma offer to students?

The Somerset International curriculum emphasizes the learning of English. Thus, all subjects are taught in this language and relationships with teachers are also established in this language. That creates a virtual environment immersion, an essential feature of any program aimed to reach a high linguistic level.

It is undeniable that English is recognized in many parts of the world as “lingua franca” of the global economy, both in business and in science, technology and aviation. Its influence is greater than ever in the twenty first century.

Being able to take courses and subject normally impossible to access for the student is also a great academic enrichment. The mere fact of including this title on the CV would indicate the potential employer that the candidate has demonstrated sufficient skill and discipline to obtain two diplomas: an English one and other one on how to use the most advanced technologies of digital learning.

In addition, we hope to offer, in the short term, access to subjects’ of the ‘dual college enrollment’, ie subjects of the academic level required to grant credit for both High School and college. From that moment, it would be possible not only to graduate with a diploma from High School, but also with an Associate degree (two years), and possibly a Bachelors (4 years).

Finally, a high school student who thinks of attending an American university will have a great advantage when he or she applies with respect to someone who has not shown such an English proficiency and academic achievement. Moreover, the fact of having an American diploma avoids having to pass examinations such as TOEFL, which guarantees to universities that the candidate possesses the required level of English.

What’s an International Baccalaureate or Dual Diploma?

Thanks to the flexibility, which is one of the advantages of digital educational programs, MIT School and Somerset International work together for a student to pursue studies simultaneously in two high schools: at MIT, in Spain, and at Somerset, via Internet. These courses, which conform to official regulations required for graduation in the United States, offer students the opportunity to obtain the Somerset International American Diploma, the “High School” title (Baccalaureate) at the Florida State when finishing the Spanish Bachillerato.

The identity of the American curriculum, that follows the state and the national standards, and the fact that American teachers are approved by the state and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, give this certificate an identical value to those obtained by a student whose attendance were in-person. In the United States, education is regulated by each state, and is, in turn, also valid nationwide.

A Somerset International diploma is as valid in its parent State of Florida as anywhere in the United States, providing access to the American University in any State.

How does the Dual Baccalaureate Program works?

The program usually starts in 3rd ESO, but it is allowed to start it in the last year of ESO and/or in High School. All subjects taken and passed in full at the School are analyzed, as well as the High School curriculum for every student who is registered for the first time in Somerset.

Based on the fact that it is not necessary, by pedagogical principles, repeating in English what has already been studied in Spanish (with the exception of language itself), up to 75% of the 24 “credits” required to obtain a certificate of “High School” in Florida can be validated. Ie, Somerset International only requires 6 “credits” (six subjects over a course): four compulsory subjects and two electives. As our goal is the student’s academic and personal enrichment, there is no limit to the choice of electives.

How much effort does it mean for the student?

The effort varies depending on the school year in which the student begins and the initial level of English proficiency. In a medium level of effort, it would be a commitment of about 5 hours per week. The most common option is to consider the program as an extracurricular activity that students develop at noon or in the afternoon like any other activity carried out apart from school.