Educational Philosophy


Málaga Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) plans an educational philosophy, in the belief that education is much more than teaching areas of knowledge. Consequently, we believe that a person (our student, your children) can and should be educated in different contexts of their daily and school life (at home, out walking, in the classroom, in the dining room, on the school bus or during their leisure activities).


This Philosophy is developed by an Integral based Education, mainly in the following areas (areas that we develop starting with our teaching experience and from the academic, psychological, sociological, epistemological and philosophical basis that sustain our Educational Project):


Idiomas Colegio MIT School Málaga: inglés, chino, alemán, francés, latín

Our School is authorized by the Junta de Andalucía as Bilingual in all educational stages, Infant, Primary, Secondary and High School. In Primary and Secondary all subjects are taught in English except Spanish. In Baccalaureate, in spite of teaching more hours of English than a non-bilingual school, the preparation in Spanish is emphasized to obtain the best results in the P.A.U. until that examinaion to enter University can be done in English. We also have a specific support program for students who come from non-bilingual schools, so that this offer in languages ​​is not an obstacle to their incorporation to MIT. We also include Mandatory Chinese Mandarin from 3 years old, German from 6 years old and Latin from 15 years old. You can learn more about our language offer here. As a data to consider a student in MIT will have in English more than 600 hours in Infants, more than 4400 hours in Primary, almost 3600 hours in Secondary and more than 400 hours in Baccalaureate, with a total of more than 9000 hours! With respect to Mandarin Chinese, he will have had more than 100 hours in Infants, 432 in Primary and almost 300 hours in Secondary, with a total of 832 hours! And in German, he will have had 432 hours in Primary, almost 300 in Secondary and almost 250 in High School, with a total of almost 1000 hours! In summary they will have had more than 9000 hours in English, almost 1000 hours in German and more than 900 hours in Chinese!


Nuevas Tecnologías Colegio MIT School Málaga

New Technologies and, particularly, Computing have a very important specific weight in the different areas of knowledge. We are the first school in Spain to include in the 4th of Secondary grade the subject of Programming for Virtual Reality in a UNITY environment! We have acquired state-of-the-art computers for our new Virtual Reality Programming room, several sets of RV Steam VIVE PRO and Oculus Rift glasses, 3D printers, tablets, ipads, smart boards, the large number of educational software available and with our teaching staff will allow us to achieve this fundamental objective for the present and future development of our students.


Aikido Colegio MIT School Málaga

Physical Education and Sports are high on our list of priorities. This means that a significant amount of lessons are Physical Education, to include Swimming (each course will go once a week to the PTA Sports centre, which is in the same street as the School). Our unbeatable facilities, our Sports Club, as well as our specialized P.E. teachers will help us reach this objective. Yoga, Taichi and Aikido are also be included in the curriculum, where we are gradually raising our students spiritual awareness and introduce them to the Martial Arts philosophy.


excelencia Colegio MIT School Málaga

Our students reach a high level of excellence in all subjects. Thanks to our facilities (digital interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, libraries, laboratories, Music labs, etc.), resources and our specialized staff in each area we are able to achieve this goal. There is also a system of educational reinforcement to motivate students to achieve their academic and educational goals (with this system we can value the aptitud  -exercises, tests…- as well as the attitude -effort, behavior and motivation-). Finally, the Málaga Institute of Technology will determine when a student should repeat a year as a way to enable them to achieve the minimum and necessary objectives depending on their characteristics and educational needs.


atencion individualizada Colegio Bilingüe MIT School Málaga

Our education is based on an individualized attention. The coordination of Tutors, Head of Studies and Psychologists allows us to detect any educational specific need and to provide the means to try to solve any problem or educational situation that may arise (support classes in our own centre when it is necessary, psicopedagogical advice to parents through tutorship’s, extra activities for outstanding students, etc.) Therefore, we run evaluation projects and talent support programs (whether or not the students are diagnosed with intellectual giftedness), an innovative feature for schools, specially due to doing it in a purposeful way and using the new and latest technologies for the classroom. To achieve this, we count on the Promete Foundation as well as the Sapientec method, offered at the school.


COMEDOR Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

We pay special attention to the nutrition of our students. Our students can enjoy a menu based on the Mediterranean diet (obviously, this only applies to those students that use the dining hall) that is monitored monthly by a nutritionist. This menu should be consumed at least 75% for proper nutrition of our students (through a system of trading) because that will benefit their health. Naturally, we can cater for students with special diets due to medical or religious matters.


agenda Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

We pay appropriate attention to the communication with parents as a fundamental part of their children’s education. This objective is achieved by means of our tutorship system (with Tutors, Heads of Studies, Department of Guidance or Management), our regular meetings (two or three per year, where general objectives arise and where parents can meet as a group with their children tutors to pose general questions and to get know each other), daily communication between teachers and parents through the agenda (that must be checked and signed by the parents regularly) and through our school website (private access with password),


instalaciones Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

MIT School respeta al medio ambiente con la creación de un colegio ecológico, que se caracteriza no sólo por ser funcional sino por estar pensado para el intercambio social. Pensamos que mejorar el entorno escolar, sus espacios interiores y exteriores, no es sólo cuestión de estética sino que repercute sobre el rendimiento, las relaciones y la calidad de vida. Estamos dentro de la red de escuelas solares de Greenpeace y la Junta de Andalucía, pues poseemos paneles fotovoltaicos en techo y marquesinas. Además, nuestros edificios son domóticos, pues consideramos que la iluminación, temperatura, humedad, las condiciones acústicas, el mobiliario y la disposición de las aulas, son factores claves que condicionan el aprendizaje. Conozca más sobre nuestras instalaciones aquí.


convivencia Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

MIT School pays particular attention to the coexistence among the different parts of the School Community. Our teachers and Directive Team (with more than 20 years of experience) foment this coexistence among the students and does not tolerate any type of verbal or physical aggression, but reinforce students positively when their attitude is the correct one. The school has developed a group of discipline rules that outline a disciplinary process for all the students (verbal warnings, detentions, and should the need arise, temporary expulsions so that the student can reflect on his behaviour at home). Mutual respect in every sense is a fundamental objective in our school (non-discrimination of sex, religion, culture, race, ideology or, simply, for a physical characteristic) This applies at all times and not just in the classroom ( e.g. excursions, recess, dining room).


autonomia Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

We foment the autonomy and the responsibility of our students. They have the means and the school organization adapted for their own personal organization (hangers, lockers…), the students being ultimately responsible for their own material. We remind parents that all personal objects (clothes, books, etc.) should always be marked with the student’s name. At the same time, punctuality is essential to improve this responsibility. From day one at our school, the school uniform will be worn to make things easier for the parents and also avoid discriminations among the students.


DIA ANDALUCIA Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

We pay particular attention to the additional topics essential for an all round education of their children. Education for Peace, Coexistence, Health and Hygiene, Road Safety Education, Sexual Education, etc., as we have covered earlier, should be introduced in all educational activities of centre. Our educational project is complemented with a range of diverse activities of equal importance such as: excursions, extra curricular activities, additional languages: German in 5º and 6º of Primary, Computer science in Primary / Secondary, English in Nursery or Spanish for foreign students in all the stages. Courses and Seminars (Parents classes, Spelling Contests, Studying Techniques, etc.).


extraescolares Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

MIT School offers several different workshops to be chosen by students and parents, and in some cases, some compulsory ones. For example, German in 4th, 5th and 6th grade, Informatics in Primary and Secondary English or Spanish in Reception for foreign students at all stages. We also have sporting, technological and artistic extracurricular activities, as well as an Official Conservatory of Music and Dance, because we believe that we must provide our students develop all their talents and each of the facets of his personality.