Welcome to MIT School

Málaga Institute of Technology MIT® School, assisted by the CIDITAE (Centre of Investigation and Development of Technological Innovations in Education), our aspiration is to build up an Educative Community with shared values and therefore all our activities are designed to strengthen and fully accomplish these values.


Our priority is the exchange of teaching and learning methods, supported by the latest technology such as wireless networks, remote tutoring, digital interactive whiteboards, etc. a teaching and learning that will become second nature, and will serve us well to deal with the stress and challenges of modern day life.

To combine the wisdom of traditional teaching with the technology of the modern life: that is our aim.

Our education focuses on the joy of learning and each finding their own way to be happy and reach their full potential, but without forgetting the effort that each of us must make in this process or what our work and our development as people means to the rest of the community. The school must not only be a place for academic learning, but also a school for life.   Apart from all the innovations and new technology that we will use during our learning process, we would like to be remembered for our style, our clear manner of doing things and the way we successfully cope with the problems of both our personal and professional lives.

Respect for others, consideration for someone else’s ideas, tolerance, cooperation, and discipline are the fundamentals in the preparation and development of this school.


As you would expect, the students at MIT, regardless of grade, are taught in large, well lit and functional classrooms, laboratories and workshops, with the latest technology and the best teachers.


But in the future we would like to be remembered for the moral and ethic values that we have inspired in our pupils, such as compassion, open mindedness, tolerance and discipline, all traits that will help our students become good professionals and responsible citizens.






Javier Díaz Cabrera

MIT School General Manager