Secondary Education

The Secondary Section have big and luminous classrooms. The pupils have Tablet PC in the classrooms, digital interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, programmable games, cookware, musical instruments, television and a wide range of games that foment physical development and material for the imaginative game too. 


The teachers at MIT School make a great effort and an excellent work to achieve that this first experience in the Secondary Education means an amusing, satisfactory, valuable and unforgettable adventure. Each day brings the opportunity to experience a full range of areas of the study plan through activities carefully planned and appropriate for the pupil’s age. 


Secondary School already provides the guidelines to be followed by the students in their future career, as they have to choose in their 4th year the appropriate options to their aspirations among Latin, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.




From the 1st course of this section, students learn, as well as English, Chinese, French and German. Moreover, in order to deepen their learning and enrich the culture of our students, we provide the opportunity both during the course and during the summer period of going on language immersion trips to Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, France, Germany and China.