Education in Values

The aspiration to build our community means we need to strive for a peaceful atmosphere and a common understanding. We need democratic procedures to make decisions, to organise our activities and administer our resources. Our concept of democracy requires effective information systems, participation of all sectors and each accepting and complying with their own responsibilities.


AT MIT our priority is to build up an Educative Community with shared values and therefore all our activities are designed to strengthen and fully accomplish these values. The values we wish to focus on are:

Solidarity among everyone belonging in this school, both the students who are preparing for their future and the teachers responsible for their success. Solidarity with others that coexist out of School and with humankind in general. With this goal in mind, we will not tolerate any behaviour which causes others to suffer. The solidarity that we value also implies respect and care for the environment in which we all cohabit.

libertad Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

The freedom for each to choose their own way and lifestyle. The search of our own freedom does not mean we can ignore others in the community, but that we need to recognise and respect that they also have the right to choose their own way.

responsabilidad Colegio bilingüe MIT School Málaga

Responsibility in class, to respect fellow students and the effort of the teaching staff.. There may be conflicts at times and these will not be ignored, we will try and solve them as part of our goal to solidarity. We will look for solutions where each person takes responsibility and faces the consequences of their actions, but we will not look for winners and losers.

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One should always pursue excellence. One of the most worrying phenomena’s in today’s society, and let us hope it is a passing phase, is the lack of desire or ambition to achieve excellence. To want to improve both as a human being and academically, and in that order, is an admirable quality. As professionals, particularly in the classroom, we will demand order and discipline in a constant and coherent manner. We need this order and discipline so we are able to provide an environment where each person can excel and reach their full potential, this will be better for them and better for our community as a whole.

And we will know that a student begins to internalize these values ​​and develop their maturity when we feel that their concern is bigger for others than for himself.