The Reception Section has big and luminous classrooms with iPads, digital interactive whiteboards, digital cameras, programmable games, musical instruments and a wide range of games that encourage physical development, as well as materials for the imaginative play. Furthermore, the children have two play areas; one that is fenced outside and it’s to be used exclusively by the Reception children and another with a comfortable soft-surfaced and an authorized playground.


This is the children’s initial contact with formal education and if this experience is positive, it will be essential for the rest of their lives. The staff at MIT School work hard to achieve that this first contact with school is an amusing, satisfactory, valuable and unforgettable adventure.


Children from non-Spanish speaking backgrounds are introduced to the language at this early age to promote bilingual skills which they can develop fully as they progress through the school.


Activities included in the curriculum

Each day provides opportunities for children to experience all areas of the curriculum through carefully planned, age-appropriate activities. That’s why we include as compulsory activities Horse Riding, Chinese, Aikido and Robotics and Pre-engineering for our Five-year-olds.