Chinese Culture School

MIT School becomes a different place during the weekends, and changes to be a school for the Chinese language and culture, with almost 300 Chinese students. In its ten classes, professionals with extensive teaching experience implement a new methodology following the books published by the People’s Publishing House of China.


The goal is to instill in these children the cultural heritage of the country of their parents  “in order to train outstanding students both in linguistic and in morality knowledge”, according to the school. The institution, established in 1997, considers that ” morality is the first virtue of the human being and that love is the source of growth”, and these are the lessons transmitted to its pupils.


MIT School also conducts classes for non-Chinese students of all ages, whether they belong or not to the school. Three levels of this language are taught, starting with the most basic. 

Schedule: Fridays from 17:00 to 19:00