Our respect for the environment involves the creation of an ecological school, and that is why we belong to the Greenpeace network of solar schools and have installed photovoltaic panels. But our facilities are not only functional: they improve social interaction and help to ease the learning process.


In MIT School we believe that improving the school environment, its interior and external spaces, it is not only a matter of aesthetics but can affect relationships and quality of life. Because the light, temperature, humidity, acoustic conditions and furniture in the classroom are all elements that can affect the learning process, we have taken special care of it, and have all these factors automated and monitored by computer.


On the other hand, we have a great dojo to practice martial arts, a basketball court, a soccer field, several paddle courts, an area to practice golf, another to practice beach volleyball, some more to play table tennis, stables for riding… The youngest also have an area specially designed for them, with padded floor and recreational facilities. Furthermore, all of these places are surrounded by a huge green area, as the School is located in the privileged enviroment of the Andalusian Technological Park, a few meters away from the lake that we use as “natural classroom” sometimes.