MIT’s Mission in China
To take on the responsibility of social education and build a top-quality English learning system in China.

MIT’s Vision
To improve the attitude and methods of Chinese students in English study.
Better English, Higher Score.

MIT’s Motto
I will never give up until I reach my goals

MIT’s Core Values
Helping students fulfill their dreams
Caring about staff development
Pursuing Excellence

The Five Disciplines of MIT Teachers
To be Academic, Innovative, Motivated, Passionate and Modern

Three focuses:

1 English Training 

FOLLOW MIT has been developed as a large body of training materials composed of original intellectual property developed over years of training in a real school and research-to China; created the “Learn Efficiently” training method, which meets a range of learning needs by setting and implementing precise study plans that help students quickly raise their levels and test scores; and provided students with IELTS, TOEFL, foreign-teacher-led topic discussions,Cambridge Official English for K-12, children’s English and other high quality
training programs.

h new standards: smaller classes, full-time teaching assistants,and personalized service tailored to the needs of every individual.

1.1 Exam-based training for studying abroad 

We offer training for IELTS, TOEFL and other standards. With our experienced teachers, level-based curriculum and small class sizes, we are confident that you will make solid progress in reading, listening, speaking and writing. We will also sign a restudy contract with the student should them fail to improve.

1.2 Capability-based English training 
If you are looking to improve in English itself, our capability-based English courses are ideal. These courses include Cambridge Official English and American English, Oral English taught by native English speakers, and courses dedicated to speaking, listening, reading and writing. Based on the practical needs of English learners, these courses will help you reach your goals.

1.3 Courses for kids and teenagers 

1.3.1 English for Fun and Empower (Age 6-16 years) 
FOLLOW MIT uses English for Fun (age 6-12) and Empower(for teenagers) textbooks, both designed by the University of Cambridge for pupils from grades 1-3 and to students aged 6-16respectively. With “higher competence, higher score” as the core concept, MIT has combined our rich experience with the world’s most advanced education philosophy, and strives to make Chinese students more competitive internationally with excellent and practical English.

1.3.2 Safari English (Age 3-6 years) 
A high-end brand of MIT Group dedicated to children, Safari English offers interactive and situational teaching, designed as well by the University of Cambridge for pupils from 3 to 6 years old.

1.4 Unique courses 

1.4.1 Personalized courses 
Our personalized courses are tailored to each individual student. From a model test taken at the start of each course, we analyze each student’s language ability, learning habits and personality to come up with the most efficient learning schedule for them.The entire course is run one-on-one with a personal tutor,so you can be assured that you will see improvements in your English.

1.4.2 Secluded camp 
At our secluded camp,you will be taught by our star teachers with rich experience in IELTS and TOEFL, advised by senior experts in university applications, and tutored by full-time in-class teaching assistants.Tutors will supervise self-study sessions in the morning and evening. Students’ performance and attendance is reported to parents constantly. With our one-stop service, including language training, exam-based training, visa application training and university application training, we will train you to reach the world’s top universities.

1.5 Online courses 
MIT high capability learning center has gathered our best teaching resources and offers personalized VIP IELTS courses: 100 hours of one-on-one VIP courses taught by star teachers, essay editing by top instructors,oral English tested by foreign experts, stage-based exam
simulations with analysis and comments, and comprehensive full-time tracking available online.

2 Studying Abroad 
Following the principle of “Creating your future with pride and confidence”, we provide excellent assistant and express service for students who want to study abroad. The destination countries and regions include the United States and Spain. We endeavor to demonstrate the excellence of Chinese students to overseas universities while assisting the students in realizing their dreams of going abroad.

3 Cooperation 
With successful models as stated above MIT will build up new branch schools in all major cities in China. MIT English will create chains and franchises nationwide. With “everything is possible” as our core principle, we are looking for partners who share our goal in English education for kids and teenagers.

















1. 英语培训

FOLLOW MIT历经多年发展,已经拥有一系列庞大的培训材料,这些材料由最初的知识产权组成,在一个真实的学校使用多年并引入中国。创建“高效学习”的培训方法,通过制订和实施精准的学习方案,使学员的英语能力和考试成绩在短期内得到迅速提高;并为学生提供雅思、托福、外籍教师主导的话题讨论、剑桥官方青少年英语、儿童英语及其他高质量的培训项目。


1.1 出国考试


1.2 英语能力课程


1.3 青少年、儿童英语

1.3.1 青少儿英语

FOLLOW MIT使用English for Fun (6 – 12)Empower(青少年)教材,这两套教材都是剑桥大学专为学生设计的,分为三个级别,适用于6 – 16岁的学生。MIT以“高能,高分”作为核心理念,将我们丰富的经验与世界上最先进的教育理念相结合,努力使中国学生掌握实用丰富的学习技能,提升国际竞争力。

1.3.2 幼儿英语

Super Safari 系列由剑桥大学幼儿英语教育专家Herbert Puchta博士团队为3 -6 岁母语非英语国家的学龄前儿童量身定做。是MIT为幼儿提供的高端英语培训品牌。Super Safari以触动少儿大脑神经的精彩故事、动作歌曲和大量的欢乐活动为媒体,引领幼儿进入五彩斑斓的英语世界。

1.4 特色课程

1.4.1 个性化课程


1.4.2 封闭式训练营

封闭式训练营”由在雅思和托福方面有着丰富经验的一流名师授课,由资深留学团队提供专家咨询及申请规划 ,专职任课教师,全程跟班辅导,早晚自习监督。定期针对课程内容进行学员测试,并及时与家长沟通学员学习进度及学习情况。专属班主任全程管理学员的日常生活,细致服务,耐心如同家般感受。通过我们的一站式服务:语言培训——考试强化——签证培训——留学申请,直达世界顶级名校。

1.5 在线课程


2. 出国留学


3. 合作加盟

MIT为成功模式,未来我们将在中国各大主要城市建立分支机构,MIT English将在全国范围内建立连锁品牌经营。本着“一切皆有可能”的理念,我们诚意寻找与我们一样有志于青少年儿童英语教育事业的伙伴。